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The practice of grounding connects your energy to the earth. Through this, a sense of stability that calms your nervous system gets re-established. Generally, you can ground yourself in less than a minute. Ground your energy at the start of each day or any time you begin to feel your stress or anxiety levels increase by: connecting with your body, patting or taping your body, walking in nature, taking deep conscious breaths, feeling the gravity and the ground underneath your feet.


Energy: The stones Citrine and Onyx in the THE GROUNDING DRILL bracelet create an energy that resembles spiraling lights of yin-yang, woven with one another braiding together with your energy. It moves this braided energy in a spiraling, drill like motion, all the way down into the center of earth, enabling an excellent grounding connection for your energy. Because of its strong energetic balance, this bracelet encourages and emanates an overall energy of self-mastery that looks like a gold iridescent 5th dimension entity. 


Body: THE GROUNDING DRILL light tool can help strengthen the nails, hair, kidneys and heart.


Emotions: The bracelet is powerful yet soothing, and helps the wearer to deliver himself/herself from negative emotions, thoughts, and ultimately, situations.

The Grounding Drill

  • Black Onyx


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