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   The Akashic Records are an energetic library containing the wisdom and knowledge of all timelines, past, present and future of all beings, including that of your personal Soul's journey and evolution.  


  The energy of the Akashic Records holds the information of all of the gifts and wisdom you have gained from every lifetime you have experienced. 

What to expect during your session

  An Akashic Record reading can help you discover your true and original Soul's blueprint, offer guidance towards your purpose in this lifetime and bring wisdom to any challenges from a loving compassionate, higher-dimensional perspective.

  Akashic Readings may include steps that will activate your unique spiritual gifts as well as energetic healing.

Your session with Oana

My work as an advanced Akashic Records reader, intuitive healer, yoga instructor and professional artist, has emerged from hundreds of hours of training, spiritual initiations, direct experienced and deep personal work. My journey of surrender and discovery has brought me here today.

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