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If you’re truly wanting to know the blue print of your life this is the tool for you. It will not take the effort away from you, the inner work still needs to be sincerely done, but it will definitely help you speed the process, helping time lines dissolve, merge or move more quickly towards your purpose on this planet. 


Energy: The combination of Citrine, Super Seven and Amethyst used in the SOUL PURPOSE bracelet create a circular, pulsating wave-like energy pattern that sends rays of glowing warm light towards the heart and solar plexus, catalyzing a peaceful energy of recalling what are we here to do and at the same time helping us confidently take inspired actions towards our divine goals.  


Body: On the physical plane, the SOUL PURPOSE bracelet helps alleviate headaches and neck aches due to stress.


Emotions: The SOUL PURPOSE bracelet creates a feeling of calmness, peace, self forgiveness and assurance.


Soul Purpose

  • Citrine

    Super Seven


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