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The FERTILITY bracelet encourages pregnancy by helping heal old trauma to the reproductive system, by stimulating life force and by increasing physical and vibrational vitality. It encourages independence and originality and is inspirational in revealing talents. It promotes an open mind and the ability to see alternatives and possibilities as well as helping in the manifestation of wealth and money. It also attracts fame and unexpected prosperity, promotes optimism and self-confidence.


ENERGY: The FERTILITY bracelet is made with Sunstone, Green Aventurine and Red Tiger Eye. This alchemic combination emits vibrating, parallel, bright white lines of light that carry high frequency energies into the body. When entering the body these energies cut down stagnation and depletion, stimulate energy to flow, and unlock the place of sensuality, creativity, and passion. This energy tool creates space for the gut to connect energetically to the brain and for information to move freely between the two, while it sends higher frequency energies through the organs of the lower half of the body.


BODY: Since the FERTILITY bracelet light tool stimulates cell repair and regrowth it enhances fertility by regulating the blood circulation. It helps promote the physical growth of infants, children, and teenagers with growth challenges. It aids people who suffer from seasonal depression and is valuable for those who experience persistent respiratory problems and abdominal tension.


EMOTIONS: The FERTILITY bracelet re-balances one’s emotional patterns, and encourages optimism and enthusiasm by diffusing negative emotions. It reinforces leadership, promotes compassion and encourages perseverance. It helps to get to the bottom of the emotions that are holding us back.


  • Green Aventurine 

    Red Tiger Eye


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