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The DOORWAY TO INNER LIGHT bracelet functions as a gentle yet powerful mind and heart opener, assisting in allowing your soul’s light to shine. It is a powerful healer’s tool that will help pull pure light through the Crown Chakra. It strengthens the concept that spirituality is not simply a mystical experience, but the result of a person’s working for the good of others. It grounds higher knowledge into action. It is also a light shield when worn on the right hand that can be a wonderful aid to teachers and psychologists as well as a protector for long road drivers by transmuting negative energies.


Energy: The energy of the DOORWAY TO INNER LIGHT bracelet transfers to the wearer through the eyes when looking at it and through the body when wearing it on the left hand. It is a light tool that works just like a key, unlocking inner worlds of consciousness and opening new perceptions. The combination of Amethyst and Pyrite in this bracelet has a fun and exciting feel of fire and ice. Pyrite holds both Earth and Fire energies that strengthen Amethyst’s healing qualities - the two vibrating in perfect harmony. 


Body: The DOORWAY TO INNER LIGHT bracelet helps balance the nervous system and the brain and aids in purifying the body of infections and viruses.


Emotions: The DOORWAY TO INNER LIGHT bracelet encourages one to be more dynamic and confident, while creating a feeling of being protected by a bubble of light shield.


Doorway to Inner Light

$55.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
  • Amethyst 


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