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The Divine Inspiration bracelet unlocks depths of creativity not yet discovered. It is a tool of divine inspiration for musicians, artists, writers and chefs.

This bracelet helps one to break away from their comfort zone and explore avenues that they previously wouldn’t have. Wearing The Divine Inspiration bracelet is extremely useful when you want to manifest certain ideas from your imagination into reality. By opening your subconscious and lighting it up, this unique tool will allow the creativity in you to come out and shine. You will start feeling like someone from deep within is talking to you and guiding you through your day. This inner voice is your own confident, creative, unlimited divine self.


Energy: The energetic combination between Seraphinite, White Moonstone and Bumblebee Jasper emits a bright shimmering light that is white, silver and golden. This light carries a very high frequency spectrum and spirals in and out of dimensions bringing light codes and cosmic information to the wearer. With its energy connecting to the sacral chakra, The Divine Inspiration bracelet can help to ignite your deepest creative abilities from within. During the creative process one can reach new depths previously unknown while guided by higher realms of consciousness.

The Divine Inspiration bracelet also helps to stimulate the ability to use telepathy.

In addition, this light tool’s lovely energy can be used to fire you up when you’re feeling tired, helping you when you're feeling sluggish. It is a great companion to keep close by, especially for those having a particularly energy-sapping job.


Body: The Divine Inspiration bracelet may help strengthen the nervous system and improve and balance sleep cycles. It can also help eliminate abdominal issues, allergies, and circulatory system disorders. It may help prevent the growth and reproduction of all types of cancerous cells. It is a blood strengthener and can aid cell respiration.


Emotions: The Divine Inspiration bracelet helps promote happiness and joy. It encourages the celebration of life’s small moments and helps us to develop a good gut instinct for developing honesty with others and with yourself. It replaces dark thoughts with lighter ones and encourages us not to get weighted down by the pressure of feeling that we have to conform to the manufactured norm of this world.

Divine Inspiration

  • Seraphinite 

    White Moonstone 

    Bumblebee Jasper 

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