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Welcome to Etheric Light

Ancient Healing Technology using genuine gemstones

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What's so special about our bracelets?

These are not just bracelets, they are tools, and they don't exist anywhere else on the surface of the earth.  A group of 8 Earth Guardian Spirits taught us to make these tools, which were widely used in past advanced civilizations, but have since been lost to history.  The intention of these loving spirits is to bring this technology back to humanity.  By combining certain crystals in certain ways we get energetic effects beyond what the individual crystals can do.  Crystals combined at random will not do this.  As an example of how these bracelets work, consider Hydrogen and Oxygen; each have their own properties and uses, but when they are combined the right way they become water, which has its own different set of properties and uses.  These bracelets are not made for aesthetics, they're here to do work.  We are humbly very grateful to be able to share these tools with all of our brothers and sisters across planet Earth with the intention that they may assist in the growth, wellness and prosperity of all and ultimately help humanity shift into a golden age of prosperity and peace.  

channeled crystal bracelets
high frequency gemstone bracelets

Our Mission

By wearing these magnificent high-frequency tools, we strive to help raise Earth’s frequency while helping to heal ourselves and one another. We truly want to see every single human healthy and peaceful, living a meaningful life full of joy and wonder. We believe that meditating and wearing crystal jewelry are some of the best ways to raise our vibration. When we raise our vibration, we are able to bring in more of what we want in our lives. We are also able to shine our light to uplift others. So, welcome! We’re happy you're here!

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