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Dragons are messengers of magic symbolized for their intelligence and all-knowing ability and are believed to guide people with brilliance, dignity, and authority towards enlightenment.

THE DRAGON bracelet is an energy tool associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, it expands your sixth sense, raises consciousness and assists in inter-dimensional traverse. It helps you to examine the recesses of your mind, ads energy to your spiritual and mental life and helps with spiritual mental abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and intuition.

Use this tool to shine a light on the knowledge and bring forth the wisdom within you. A good study aid, it helps you increase your intelligence. It is also helpful for contemplation and greatly amplifies your ability to perceive life through a wide angle lens.

It helps you recognize the varying effects that light, color and sound have on your consciousness and your spiritual practice.


Energy: The mystical technology between Labradorite and Red Tiger Eye in THE DRAGON bracelet creates an energy that sends pulses in a rhythm of colors perceived and unseen in the color spectrum into your auric field, expanding it and yet keeping it contained within its own field. It creates a shielding vibratory force throughout the aura and is a powerful energetic protector that strengthens your natural energies from within. Labradorite acts like a jet engine for your spirit helping it take flight, while the Red Tiger Eye brings firey energy to the spirit while keeping you grounded in the moment.


Body: THE DRAGON is very beneficial for the health of the eyes, helps heal optic neuritis and retinal problems, as well the as nerves, brain, bones and spinal cord. It assists when you need to rebalance the distribution of chemicals in the brain, especially for those challenged with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease. It regulates metabolism and is a great aid in alleviating colds, gout, rheumatism and hormonal imbalance.


Emotions: THE DRAGON bracelet relieves stress and enables you to see through the various layers of your emotions. It is ideal for when you are in the process of reinventing yourself. It supports you through the cycle of getting to know previously hidden aspects of yourself so you recognize features and characteristics that were eclipsed behind old preconceived ideas.

The Dragon

  • Labradorite

    Red Tiger Eye

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